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Business Card Design Services

ADynasty Design provides custom created professional business cards, based on your current logo, the look and feel of your web site, or any other design you would like to be worked with.

Our "Business Card Designs" are high resolution and created in PSD format. This standard format can be emailed, put on a portable drive or burned to a CD and taken to your local printing shop.

Customization fee

One time fee for a custom created design
("starting at" - is a start-up fee only, additional dollars may be required depending on the complexity of the design)
  • Basic Custom Design - Starting at $75

  • - Includes your logo, business name and contact information
  • Detailed Custom Design - Starting at $125

  • - Includes your logo, business name and contact information

Getting Started

  • During the consultation process you will be asked detailed questions. This is important information that will help determine what your custom creation will look like. Answer all questions thoroughly and as detailed as you can, this will save us both time and money. At this time you will be given a customization quote.
  • Once the "fee" has been paid in full, your custom design will be completed. You will be presented with a proof via email, at this time you can request one set of revisions at no additional charge. The hourly rate of $35 will apply to all other revisions thereafter.
  • Once your design is completed and you have given approval, your design will be emailed to you in high resolution psd format. This format is recognized by all print makers. You can place your design on a cd or portable drive and order cards at your nearest print shop.


If using an already existing logo, in order for it to be high resolution the image must be at least 700 pixels in size and saved in either of these formats: jpg, psd, psp, bmp, tiff, png. NO gif files accepted. Additional $ may be added if your logo needs to be cleaned up for the best possible use.

How to proceed

Please contact us for a consultation. Thank you

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