Adriana is a certified nail professional, she graduated cosmetology school and became certified the 2nd of April 2000. She provides "Nail Enhancement" services, UV Gel, Acrylics and Solar Nails.

She is currently using salon grade products, which include CND, IBD and OPI.
She specializes in "UV Gel nails","Sculpted nails", "Solar Nails" and "Many forms of" nail art.

Product Information


UV Gel Nails combine natural beauty with strength and durability. They are beautiful lightweight enhancements that are odorless, natural feeling, thin, flexible, non-yellowing, nonporous, resist lifting and are crystal clear.
"UV Gels" can be used for nail overlays that look extremely natural looking, tip overlays, and sculpted.

UV Gels are an incredibly natural looking enhancement without the odor or airborne dust of a traditional acrylic. UV Gel Nails feel remarkably natural and are less damaging to the natural nail. UV Gels when applied properly will not lift or crack; they simply are as durable as any acrylic. Most UV Gels are acid-free and gentle to your skin.

Do not confuse gel with traditional acrylic, even though they are similar, they apply and wear differently. UV Gels are pre-mixed monomers that are hardened/cured to polymers by UV light. A gel top-coat applied over an acrylic nail to seal the surface does not make your nails "Gel Nails". Gel nails are actually acrylic nails; they are made from the same class of acrylates, but with different molecular structures, appearance, application procedures and different curing methods. Be certain you are receiving the nail enhancement you requested.

Note: A UV Gel Topcoat over your acrylics is NOT "Gel Nails."


Pink and white acrylic nails are often referred to as "Solar Nails". Solar Nail is a "Brand Name" of acrylic product made by Creative Nail Design Systems and includes their Original Solar Nail, Radical Solar Nail, Retention + , and Moxie acrylic systems. Solar Nail is "acrylic" this type of system from CND is a high quality product and produces beautiful french manicure results, that are strong, durable and have a high resistance to lifting. "Solar Nails" can be used for nail overlays, tip overlays, and sculpted.


"Acrylic Nails" can be used for nail overlays, tip overlays, and sculpted. When applied properly they won't lift or crack; they combine strength and durability. Acrylic is a liquid & powder mixed, applied with a brush that will harden (cure) with no UV lamps in 2 minutes or less. The term acrylic is a shortened version of methacrylate, a combination of a monomer liquid with a polymer powder. The polymer powder found in the nail enhancement is polyethylmethylmethacrylate, or PMMA. This chemical is what gives the nails its strength and durability. The chemical units of the monomer liquid react when mixed with the chemicals in the polymer powder to form long fibers that dry and harden to resemble a natural fingernail. Some well known "Acrylic Systems" include: Creative Nail Design (CND), OPI, EzFlow, IBD, Young Nails, and Tammy Taylor.


What is better for my "Natural Nails?" I don't want a system that damages my nails! I like nail enhancements, but I don't want to ruin my own nails. Is Acrylic better or Gels?

Note: Neither "Gel or Acrylic" damages your natural nails, ONLY an unknowledgeable or uncaring nail technician can damage your nails. Examples of this might be over filing on your natural nail and or using a drill on your natural nail. Causing painful deep "Rings of fire" removing much of your own nail, or making it so thin it peels off in layers.
A drill or an abrasive nail file should never be used on your "Natural Nail", only a soft buffer to remove shine for optimum adhesion of product.

"Other" damaging effects can include picking or ripping off the nail enhancement. This can peel off layers of your own natural nail, leaving it thin, weak and sometimes painful. Soaking off acrylic nails with "Pure Acetone" is recommended for removal or filing off carefully the "No Soak Off Gel" nail. Make sure that your nail tech is using "HIGH-Quality" products, well-known brand names are recommended. Cheaper grade products can damage your natural nail and cause some health issues!

"Tip Extensions" are plastic nail tips that can be glued to your own natural nail, if these are glued to far down onto your natural nail, in rare circumstances if the nail were to break or begin lifting and break, where the nail tip was glued onto your nail, the glue can actually remove small layers of your natural nail, or split your natural nail horizontally and create some damage. The use of "Forms" comes in handy as NO plastic nail tips are glued to the natural nail.

Make sure your nail tech discuses with you these types of systems and which one will best suit your nails and your lifestyle.

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