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Web Design Services

Providing high quality and professional Web site design.

Services for Website Designs can include, but not limited to

  • Identifying your objectives and goals.
  • Laying out your sites structure and method of navigation
  • Proposing colors
  • Custom designs can include: graphics, decorative buttons, backgrounds, borders, divider bars, etc.
  • Stock Images
  • Topic Research
  • Adding images/photos/logos
  • Locating and placing music and or sounds on your pages.
  • Custom html coding and thoroughly testing for functionality using the lastest in Mozilla Firefox, Netscape and Internet Explorer.
  • Scripted Java/CGI/DHTML and animated elements would include: css menu and multimenu link navigation systems, applets, fading image scripts, varieties of scrolling text, pop up windows, jump list, animated buttons, colored text, mouse trails, document effects and more.
  • Web forms
  • Paypal setup, and the Paypal shopping cart system.
  • Setting up a "store" using a hosted e-commerce shopping cart system such as: UltraCart. UltraCart is a premiere shopping cart and e-commerce management platform. OR Yahoo Merchant Services.
  • Registering a Domain name, setting you up with a host, uploading your information, setting up e-mail and forwarding accounts.
  • Web site Optimization Services - Marketing through search engine submissions - What is Optimization?

Web Site Maintenance and General Rates

  • Weekly and monthly maintenance is available. Rates are affordable.
  • $15 minimum of a half hour |    | $35 minimum of an hour
  • Payment Plans are available but with "restrictions"

Web Design Packages

Our web sites fall under three basic categories (listed below). However, since all sites may require different options, during the consultation process we will determine what your needs are and come up with the best possible design package for you and present you with a price quote.

("starting at" - is a start-up fee only, additional fees may be required depending on the complexity of the web site and other additions)
  • Simple Basic Sites for your Blog or Small Business
  • - Starting at $300

  • Detailed "Custom Designed" Graphic Sites
  • - Starting at $400

  • CSS Sites
  • - Starting at $400

Getting Started

  • During the consultation process you will be asked detailed questions. This is important information that will help determine what your Web Site Design will look like. Answer all questions thoroughly and as detailed as you can, this will save us both time and money. At this time you will be given a customization quote.
  • Once this fee has been paid, your Web Site Design will be started. You will be presented with a proof, at this time you can request one set of revisions at no additional charge. The hourly rate of $35 will apply to all other revisions thereafter.
  • Once your design is completed and you have given approval, your design will be uploaded to your web hosting account.

How to proceed

Please contact ADynasty Design if you are interested in our Web Design Services. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest!

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